Normalise. Orchestrate. Analyse.

Helping organisations securely manage, curate and align biological, phenotype, health record and lifestyle data in the cloud.

A solution for managing and analysing complex health related data

Our secure AI enabled analysis and orchestration solution solves many of the challenges associated with aggregating, correlating, analysing & gaining valuable insights from complex health related data.


  • Healthcare
  • Pharma & Pharma Services
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Biotech
  • Sports Science
  • Ancestry & Genealogy
  • Commercial & Academic Research

Use Cases

  • Precision Medicine
  • Clinical Trial Optimisation
  • Wellness & Predictive Health
  • Nutrition Personalization
  • Phenomics Analysis
  • Genotyping Analysis
  • Exome Analysis
  • Whole Genome Analysis
  • Multi-Omics Analysis
  • Privacy Preservation
  • Data Curation

Software as a Service

  • Licensed Self Drive Orchestration

Managed Software as a Service

  • Fully Managed Orchestration

Our Platform

Accelerated Analysis
Confidential Compute
Analysis Pipelines
Artificial Intelligence
Industry Leading Expertise
Data Visualisation
FAIR Principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable)
Security & Privacy by Design

Key Partners

Technology - Academia - Industry - Government

UCD Centre for Rare Diseases
Local Enterprise Office
Enterprise Ireland