Normalise. Orchestrate. Analyse.

Helping organisations securely manage, curate, align and interpret genomics data alongside phenotype, health record and lifestyle data in the cloud.

A solution for managing and analysing genomics data and pipelines alongside other complex health related information

Our secure AI enabled analysis and orchestration solution solves many of the challenges associated with aggregating, correlating, analysing & gaining valuable insights from complex health related information.


  • Healthcare
  • Pharma & Pharma Services
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Biotech
  • Sports Science
  • Ancestry & Genealogy
  • Commercial & Academic Research

Use Cases

  • Precision Medicine
  • Clinical Trial Optimisation
  • Wellness & Predictive Health
  • Nutrition Personalization
  • Phenomics Analysis
  • Genotyping Analysis
  • Exome Analysis
  • Whole Genome Analysis
  • Multi-Omics Analysis
  • Privacy Preservation
  • Data Curation

Software as a Service

  • Licensed Self Drive Orchestration

Managed Software as a Service

  • Fully Managed Orchestration

Our Platform

Accelerated Analysis
Confidential Compute
Analysis Pipelines
Artificial Intelligence
Industry Leading Expertise
Data Visualisation
FAIR Principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable)
Security & Privacy by Design

Key Partners

Technology - Academia - Industry - Government

UCD Centre for Rare Diseases
Local Enterprise Office
Enterprise Ireland